Ch. Masada's Spinnakees Leo Bloom

Ch. Windrift's Rite From the Start x Ch. Rainkees Masada Ruffian

Leo Bloom is our biggest winning Masada dog. Leopold as I call him is a multiple group winner, specialty winner and very good sire. Leopold was well on his way to reaching the Keeshond Hall of Fame (100 of 125 points), when a leg injury kept his owner out of the dog show ring for a year. Leopold is a very pretty and sound dog. Many judges loved Leopold. Leopold also has a very kind and thoughtful personality. He comes from one of our best litters: "The Producers" litter. This litter produced four AKC champions including Leopold, Max Bialystock, Cameo and Ulla. A repeat litter produced Masada's Northern Dancer (Devious Diva). Leopold passed in November of 2016.

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