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Masada means "fortress" in Hebrew. When I started Masada Keeshond, I wrote an e-mail paraphrasing Harry Truman, half in jest: " To be successful in dog showing, I fear a person cannot be their own mentor. They must be a Machiavelli, a Caesar, a Borgia, an Assad, a liar, a whatnot to be successful. Therefore I probably won't be. However, I am going to have lots of fun trying the opposite approach. Maybe it will win."


Well in fact we have been very successful. We have produced high quality dogs and our dogs have won. We have stood up for our principles and insisted that those we deal with conduct themselves in a reputable manner. We have shown that people can do things the right way in dog showing and be successful. We have used the same types of critical and analytical thinking in dog showing that we have in other endeavors.


We were very fortunate to have collaborated with Betty Stover and Spinnakees Keeshond. Betty shared our thirst for excellence and values.


Together we have produced some excellent dogs. Sadly, Betty was lost to cancer in 2014. We miss her very much.


I hope that you enjoy visiting our website. This web site is dedicated to Trevor and Smudge whom we think about and miss every day.


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